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Meet Sydney

There are WAY too many women struggling with their health, in pain, and just plain confused about their bodies with no idea where to start. A lot of our struggles we have been told are just 'part of being a woman' or 'normal'... But why do they have to be? Sister, I am here to tell you that you never have to settle, especially when it comes to your health! 

I want you to manage your body and balance your hormones in a way you never thought was possible to make you feel better than you ever thought you could. I provide practical & personalized health education and empowerment for women to take control of their mental, physical & hormonal health through virtual health coaching sessions. Whether it's through joining The Estrogenie Community, or one-on-one goal setting and coaching with me, my mission is to cheer you on you in your wellness journey.

As an ICF Certified Holistic Health & Life Coach, and a woman with a heck of a health journey myself, I am here to support you, while working to build an open and honest community for women to de-stigmatize our bodies and our health struggles. Nothing here is taboo or off limits, so let's get candid.


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