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Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Have you ever noticed that it is so much more acceptable to be self-deprecating than confident? Woof, what a loaded topic.

In our ‘Selfie’ society we looove to flaunt what we got, as long as we balance it with some self-loathing and never actually say that we like our bodies. For every time we flip our hair in the mirror, we have to follow with a “my nailbeds suck!” or some comment about your bad breath or huge hips.

We have decided as a society to never be quite happy with where we’re at and always be torturing ourselves over some elusive body goal. Which personally, I think is a big bag of bullshit. Reaching your goal weight doesn’t automatically fix your lack of self confidence. Once that goal is achieved we are still left with something else that needs to be ‘fixed’. Society has taught us that no single person is perfect, because even the most lusted after ladies are tormented by some kind of self-doubt.

What if we threw out the goals as a whole– juuuust for a second. Want to do it with me? Take a look in the mirror and throw your goals away. Live into this body you have at this exact moment, without wanting to change her. Health was never meant to be a number on a scale or a comparison with some over-edited Instagram model, so why do we talk about it that way?

Health is your habits, your daily lifestyle, your body’s experience of life. It was never meant to be the defining feature of your body itself. 

Being healthy helps you experience the very best version of your life. Self-doubt makes you experience the worst.

So let’s do this together ladies. Throw out those goals and expectations!! Say out loud that you’re gorgeous. You’ve got a rockin’ bod with a booty to rival JLo. Your hair has a personality of its own and your belly (stretch marks and all) is the cutest belly out there. Your body is strong and resilient. It carries you through even the most challenging weeks of your life. Your body moves with you through your every day, caring for you and protecting you and enjoying life with you. You better stop dissing her!

Instead, let’s focus on life and living it the best way that we can, and feeling incredible every day. That’s what my health journey is all about: life.



*** As a reminder, this blog is for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional care by a doctor. It does not constitute medical advice or services. Your FIRST & FOREMOST task should be to talk one on one with your doctor for concrete medical advice. It is important to have a trained and licensed medical professional walking through your health journey with you, ESPECIALLY when it comes to your hormonal and reproductive health. As an Integrative Holistic Health Coach my focus is simply educating on and supporting healthy habits and lifestyle changes so you can put your best foot forward into your health journey.

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