Cramps Cramping your Style??

If you’re here and following along for every utertip & blog post chances are you are alllll too familiar with this topic. CRAMPS.

We have ‘em, we struggle with ‘em, and no matter how many hundreds of months you’ve delt with ‘em, we seem to always be searching for more remedies and relief.

We know the standard (heating pad, Advil, chocolate ice cream) but what can we do when that doesn’t work??


Probably one of the last things you WANT to do while in pain, yoga actually helps to work through the tightness and stretch out the areas cramping up. Inversions help increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscles (including your uterus that is constantly contracting during your period). This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hit your vertical, but anything feet over heart will help get that blood moving back to the abdomen to get reoxygenated and refreshed.


Even more so than heat, extra pressure on the belly can really help alleviate sharp pains and cramping. My favorite high waisted compression leggings are a daily MUST during my high cramping days. The tighter, the better. Feeling secure and held together makes it a little easier to go about my day!


ok ok ok we are way too busy being modern women and having jobs and lives to sit wrapped around our heating pads for a quarter of our month. My number one tip for going about your day while cramping is an icy hot patch! They stick straight on to your belly and are shaped perfectly for right over your crampy area (especially when paired with those high waisted leggings!!) basically you can keep that heating pad sensation with you while you’re on the go, and it’s totally discreet.


This seems to be the number one tip for any physical ailment, and is getting a little repetitive, quite frankly. Put down the iced coffee and drink your dang water ladies!!!!

If you run (lol, me neither) you might have experienced those super painful cramps in your side. This comes from the muscles being continually contracted AND worsens with a lack of H2O. Think of your uterus as a little muscle contracting over and over trying to shed that lining, and if you’re not properly hydrated it is GOING to get extra sore! Bottoms up, gals.

These are a few of MY tried and true, but of course everyone is a little different and feels their cramping differently! Got any utertips of your own to share?? Type away girlfriend!! I would LOVE to hear. After all, we are in it together.

XOXO, Estrogenie

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