Creating Community & Talking Candidly: What Makes You Feel Alive?

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Hey gals, how you been?

Please excuse my absence, as I took a summer sabbatical to deal with some major life changes. I have been clinging to my sanity by a thread for these last few months, and, well, not as zen and balanced as I could have been. This summer I: got engaged, traveled back and forth Denver to Chicago to plan the whole dang wedding, quit my job, started on a new career path (with quite a bit of a learning curve), moved to a new home, and went on not one but TWO international trips! My summer has felt so full of such wonderful things.... but can I just say I am very much looking forward to an uneventful Autumn?

It’s been really fun, I won’t lie. But before you block/unfollow/report me for being a braggy betch… this has also been the highest amount of stress I have ever encountered… and I have never been “chill”.

I’d like to thank the many self help books, self care moments, supplements and straight up anxiety medications that have supported me. This season of being pulled in every direction imaginable and feeling completely overwhelmed has made me take an honest analysis of my daily routine and ask a simple question:

“What is draining me of energy and what is making me feel alive??”

My answer might surprise you. Wedding planning? So draining. Travel? Amazing for the first week... exhausting the second. But what I could do every single day and be completely happy is talk to YOU ladies.

I started The Estrogenie because I am wildly passionate about women’s health, specifically when it comes to hormonal imbalances. We’ve all got them, and yet we know close to nothing about how to manage their ebb and flow! I am striving to create an open, honest and welcoming environment that we as women have the space to unpack our baggage and ‘air out our dirty laundry’. I just can’t live in a world that we are embarrassed or secretive of our bodies and hormonal health any longer.

My guess is this: Many of us grew up in a conservative atmosphere when it came to women’s bodies that, simply put, did not prepare us for adulthood. We have to wait for our once a year appointment with the gyno to finally talk about that weird thing happening 'downstairs' and inquire about these insane mood swings and acne flare ups. It still feels embarrassing to address when something feels off.

Well, girl, you do not have to do this alone or feel shame in your experience. I want to be the person to help fill in those gaps.

Before we start, I want to get a few things cleared up...

So here is what I am NOT: I am not a fitness youtuber, a food blogger, or a weight loss coach. Nutrition and fitness are intimately related to our hormonal lives so these topics might come up, but this right here is something totally different.

Here is what I AM: I am working to build an inclusive, supportive, brutally honest and vulnerable community for women to focus on their hormonal health and learn about the inner complexities of their bodies, with no shame or guilt attached. So whether that looks like following along on the blog, purchasing a guide, or hopping on a call for personalized goal setting and coaching, I want you to have this community here to support whatever life throws your way.

Here’s what I promise: I will be so honest and open with you all, come rain or come shine. I will answer your most intimate questions, your ‘stupid’ questions, your ‘embarrassing’ questions— and I will do it all without judgement. I will cheer you on in your health journey and whatever that looks like for you.

So, what makes YOU feel alive? Join me this week in an exercise of taking inventory of your life--- each night for just a few minutes, pull out a pen and paper and list the things that drained you of energy, and the moments that you experienced real joy! By the end of the week we should start to see a pattern.



*** As a reminder, this blog is for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional care by a doctor. It does not constitute medical advice or services. Your FIRST & FOREMOST task should be to talk one on one with your doctor for concrete medical advice. It is important to have a trained and licensed medical professional walking through your health journey with you, ESPECIALLY when it comes to your hormonal and reproductive health. As an Integrative Holistic Health Coach my focus is simply educating on and supporting healthy habits and lifestyle changes so you can put your best foot forward into your health journey.

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