Death to Diet Culture

Yes, I am in the health and wellness industry, and yes, I spend a lot of my time researching & trying out health trends. But here's the deal...

I don’t care if you’re in to health and fitness, if you track your macros, if you hit the gym every day, or listen to every Bulletproof Radio podcast. The whole point of putting myself out here, baring my soul to the internet and spamming your social media feed is actually for the opposite reason.

You don’t need to have your health journey take over your mind or control all of your decisions and, I will say this a thousand times, you definitely don’t need to go on a diet. Ever.

My firm belief is that ‘diets’... should not exist.

We live in a culture that is so image obsessed that it colors everything we do. We feel guilty for fueling our bodies, guilty for not working out hard enough, guilty for not knowing everything we could possibly know about health... While still hustling and having our own social, professional and personal lives. It has created a polarity-- this kind of ‘all or nothing’ mindset that is responsible for much of our mental and emotional health decline.

We have actually made ourselves so much less healthy through chasing after health so hard. Sounds a little weird, I know. But hear me out! With all the stress and disordered eating, and image obsession out there, we can end up physically harming our body through the process of trying too hard to make it healthier. Our body mass bounces back and forth, our workout routines go from non existent to hard core depletion, and one second we're starving while the other we're binging... it's simply not sustainable and takes a serious toll.

Let’s get some perspective. It’s not bad to desire to be healthy, in fact, it’s awesome that you have that goal for yourself! It becomes unhealthy when we stress over it and create a polarity of the 'no-sugar-no-fat-no-carb diet, working out seven days a week, then piling on the supplements and celery juices’ versus ‘f*ck it, I’m getting cheese fries and living in my sweatpants’.

Would you believe that your health journey can be a beautiful thing that feels empowering, non restrictive, and actually brings you peace, rather than stress? Would you believe that you never have to diet, or be obsessed with your weight, again?

That is the power of habit change. I know, I know, just hold on for a second. I fully understand that this feels like a stuffy sales pitch for a life long diet that you don’t want to be on. I promise, its not!

When health is seen as a journey, rather than a destination, we can be a little less restrictive with ourselves and a little less indulgent, to find that happy medium. We can find ways of exercise that we actually love to do, knowing that the more we do it the more we will continue to feel better and perform better, while still allowing for those days that we truly need to rest and recharge, guilt free. We are just coasting along, making healthy and sustainable choices, because we build those habits and think of the long term benefit.

Habit change allows a healthy, wholesome lifestyle to become intrinsic in how we live. We can achieve that long term goal while still enjoying life. Change starts gradually--- let’s take the 21/90 rule as an example. It takes 21 days of conscious effort every day to make a behavior habitual, and 90 days to make that habit a part of your lifestyle…

So think about it. How long have you been talking down to yourself? How many new diets have you started, then stopped. How many times have you given up on yourself because you felt like it was just taking too much? I get it, I’ve been there! And honestly, sometimes I still am there with you.

Our society has curated a weird clash of self hatred and self obsession, and honestly, it’s time to cut the crap.

Yes, there is effort to put in and yes, there are some growing pains. But isn't a true habit change worth way more than the hundreds of hours caught between stressing and binging?

So what do you say--- we’re a little behind with only about 80 days left in 2019, but why not start anyways? It’ll never be the perfect time, and that’s why it’s always the perfect time. Take the rest of the year to make a positive change habitual so you can start the next decade off on the best foot possible.

What is one habit that you want to create before ringing in a new decade? Let’s do it together!



P.S. Intrigued by how habit change might look for you, or how to maximize your efforts? Girl, I've got you. Let’s Chat!

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