Go On With Your Basic Self

Let’s talk F A L L. Yes I know, it’s your favorite season! Sweater Weather, PSL, color change… I feel you, girlfriend. I’m right here with you, embracing my basic @$$ self so hard and enjoying every inch of what autumn has to offer.

And guess what? I’m going to give you a few more excuses to really embrace the season in its full glory. So, if your snobby sister rolls her eyes or your BF asks ‘again??’ to your coffee choice, send them my way.

Presenting--- Five of Fall’s Healthiest Foods!


This spice is known for its blood sugar lowering properties… amazing, I know. It also does things like helps with metabolism, provides antioxidants, is an anti-inflammatory, and may even help with heart health. Plus, it’s like, really good.


Did you even know that fall’s headlining gourd has health benefits? Pumpkin is packed with vitamins, especially Vit A, and actually very low in calories. It is a very nutrient rich food (which is the vitamin content compared to calorie content). It is very versatile, and even the seeds can pack a powerful punch.


Very rich in fiber and vit C, apples are known to aid in digestion and provide vital nutrients. Since they have both a high fiber and water content, they are actually commonly effective in weight loss, since they keep you full and satisfied longer. The fiber content works as a prebiotic, supporting the gut bacteria.

Brussel Sprouts

These are powerful veggies, packed with Vit K, C, A, and Folate. Roasted with some olive oil, salt and pepper is incredible, or you can get fancy with them! There are endless cozy, sweet or savory recipes for them.

Sweet Potatoes

Maybe one you wouldn’t expect… but Sweet Potatoes are actually amazing for gut health, high in antioxidants, and actually have fewer carbs and calories than a white potato.

So let’s get it girls, have a guilt free and delicious fall!



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