How To Talk About Your Hormones

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Learning how to properly describe and quantify YOUR hormonal symptoms is the key to getting the best help from your doctors and loved ones, so let’s get talkin’.  

Here, you can complain about your severe abdominal pain without hearing ‘oh same girl, I get the worst cramps too’ …when, in fact, it is not the same.

One in ten women (that’s a whole lot) are suffering from endometriosis and chances are you might not even know! Maybe you haven’t been diagnosed (or taken seriously) by your doctor, or maybe you had no idea that being miserable ISN’T a part of every woman’s life. This hormonal disorder is very hard to diagnose, and even if you are diagnosed, there is still no cure.

Yeah, let’s all say it together: BEING A WOMAN SUCKS.

When we do open up about the nitty gritty details, we realize we are not alone. Our sisters, mothers, friends and neighbors are almost all dealing with their own tiny version of hell that is the uterus.

Let’s start the conversation! Here are some ‘utertips’ for chatting about your uterus.

SHARE. Give me your dirty details.

Tell the story of your period like the epic tragedy it is, and you can bet your friends will chime in with their own stories and support.

BE CURIOUS. Get intimate with your hormone imbalance.

What are your symptoms? Do you start cramping a week before your period, do you gain five pounds of water weight and crave Chinese food? Or does it sneak up on you then smash you over the head with simultaneous nausea and hunger? Every woman experiences something totally unique. Understanding what your symptoms are can better prepare you to deal with them properly.

WHAT ABOUT THAT BC THOUGH? Your birth control matters, big time.

If you’re on birth control, you know there are some wacky symptoms. Chatting with your girlfriends about your birth control is a great way to get to know your options, hear what’s worked for others, AND hear the horror stories. Obviously, your doctor knows best, but also your cousin Stacy gaining twenty pounds on the new birth control you just started might be a red flag to look out for AND to ask your doctor about.

At the end of it all… just own your body. Get to know the ins & outs of this insane thing we call the reproductive system and all the hormonal struggles that come with it. When you know yourself then you can care for your symptoms a whole lot better. With some lifestyle changes, who knows? Maybe you’ll actually survive until menopause…

Your humble hormone guru,


*** As a reminder, this blog is for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional care by a doctor. It does not constitute medical advice or services. Your FIRST & FOREMOST task should be to talk one on one with your doctor for concrete medical advice. It is important to have a trained and licensed medical professional walking through your health journey with you, ESPECIALLY when it comes to your hormonal and reproductive health. As an Integrative Holistic Health Coach my focus is simply educating on and supporting healthy habits and lifestyle changes so you can put your best foot forward into your health journey.

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