Keep your Vageen Pristeen

In honor of V-Day… let’s talk about the care & keeping of your lady business.

We all know the drill!! Yeast infections, UTIs, periods… she’s a high maintenance gal!

Here are a couple pro-tips to help avoid that oh-so-uncomfortable visit to your gyno for the time being, because as many woman will tell you, what’s going on down there MATTERS.


SAY NO TO SOAP. Sounds creepy, but your V is a self-cleaning machine! Like pushing that ‘self clean’ button in the oven, the vagina cleans herself on up and introducing soaps up there will just mess with that delicate pH balance. Similarly to that self cleaning analogy-- you might still want to spritz off the stove top. The outside (aka vulva) should be washed with a mild pH balanced soap to keep things fresh, but no need to get intimate. If you’re a bubble bath junky this is anything to remember– to rinse your V with clean, non soapy water after to make sure no suds remain!


Probiotic, probiotic, probiotic!! Taking a daily probiotic will not only improve your gut health, but also supports a healthy balance of the good bacterias in your V. This helps prevent yeast growth and keeps you clean!


Be mindful of what feminine products you use! Not all tampons are created equally. Look for organic, pure cotton tamps that have not been bleached or stuffed full of chlorine! I personally recommend looking into a menstrual cup. Simple silicon that’s easy on the body, easy on the environment, and even easier on your wallet.

The vagina is super absorbent of any chemicals that get put up there, so make sure you’re not exposing her to anything you couldn’t put in your mouth. Weird analogy, I know, but it works!

So, ladies, this February let’s care for our main girl and keep that vageen pristine. Have questions? Suffering from frequent infections? Let’s chat.



*** As a reminder, this blog is for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional care by a doctor. It does not constitute medical advice or services. Your FIRST & FOREMOST task should be to talk one on one with your doctor for concrete medical advice. It is important to have a trained and licensed medical professional walking through your health journey with you, ESPECIALLY when it comes to your hormonal and reproductive health. As an Integrative Holistic Health Coach my focus is simply educating on and supporting healthy habits and lifestyle changes so you can put your best foot forward into your health journey.

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