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After The Moon Cycle Cleanse "I had no cramps and no mood swings. Normally I wouldn't have slept last night and would be rocking in the fetal position. I slept perfectly. I'm just in awe!" 

- Alyssa M

"Thank you so much for sharing this cleanse with me. I have had dairy every day for my entire life and had no idea that would be the root cause of all my problems. I had no craziness this month! I feel like a new girl!"

- Abby W

"My stomach was so happy and felt so good after just a week of coaching, it's motivated me to make some changes to my diet so I can feel this way all the time!"

- Sadie B

"I feel like I started viewing my body differently through working with you. Rather than focusing on the things it CAN'T do, I started focusing on the things it CAN do and shifting my perspective in that way made me so much more confident."

Ann P